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Our activities and couches:

  • Yoga


    Philosophy and mental health system with its laws and regulations as a result of more than three thousand years.

    Yoga lessons distinguishes both- physical and mental aspects that need to be harmoniously combined. Our trainer will help you with his knowledge, charisma and renewable positivity.

    Yoga classes will help you:

    1. get rid of spinal muscular tension;

    2.increase  deep muscle tone;

    3.strengthen the ligaments and the joints;

    4. regulate blood flow;

    5.balance the emotions and mind activity.

  • Pilates



    Physiotherapists, podiatrists and sports doctors approved excercises, which are shared in 3 levels. Regularly excersising are strengthened not only large, but also the deep muscle groups. The main focus is placed on the lower back and abdominal muscle strengthening (corsets part). Pilates – a beautiful method for body cultivating. This training is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness ability levels.

  • Body Art


  • Power Step

    vidēja/augsta int.

  • Power Pilates

    medium/low intensity

  • Interval Workout

    high difficulty

  • Be Fit+ABL

    augsta/vidēja int.


    augsta/vidēja int.

  • HIIT+Super Power

    augsta intensitāte

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Latviešu.


    vidēja intensitāte

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Latviešu.