Sports club “Reaktors” was founded in 2000., Grand Opening happened by joining the new century. Since this day we are one of the best known and most professional sports club in Latvia. Professional trainers, varied equipment, friendly staff, pleasant environment and atmosphere is what  we can be proud of.  Our mission is to work to achieve more and be healthy, a great example is our head coach Aivars Visockis, who, with his hard work and will power, is currently one of the best known and award-winning bodybuilders in Latvia.

Sports club’s goal is to create a customer-friendly and enjoyable environment for the hurry lifestyle and create  opportunity to get away from it and think only of yourself, your body and your emotional health.With a diverse range of classes, friendly trainers and a pleasant atmosphere we have managed over the years to remain as leaders as a professional and friendly sports club, in which everyone can  implement the long-cherished dreams of a beautiful and healthy height or just to keep himself in good physical shape. In fact, whatever the goal – whether it be Latvian or World Champion or just in health maintenance purposes, we have created the conditions for you to achieve success. Clients good reviews is what forces us to continue, because at least one healthier, sportier and smiling client out of the “Reaktors” gives us hope for a better world.